Dust Free Vacuum Sandblasting Services

"Providing dust free vacuum sandblasting services with its experienced team of experts, Teknokon Servis ve Bakım offers reliable solutions to this critical step of the maintenance process."

Dust free vacuum sandblasting is an ideal solution for the maintenance activities where dust and contamination cannot be tolerated but sandblasting is required. Special sandblasting equipment and experienced operators are required to apply this method.
In dust free sandblasting, an abrasive medium is applied with pressure using a nozzle and at the same time another system creates an effective vacuum to collect of used abrasive medium and prevents contamination. Thanks to this closed circuit, dust and contamination caused by conventional sandblasting methods is avoided.

Areas Where Vacuum Sandblasting is Required

  • Areas where vacuum sandblasting is required without disruption to other processes.
  • Where environmental contamination cannot be prevented and sealed sandblasting cannot be provided with conventional sandblasting methods.
  • Sandblasting of interior components of sensitive equipment.
  • Unexpected situations which require fast mobilization.
  • Sandblasting in areas where access is difficult or limited.

Application Areas of Dust Free Vacuum Sandblasting 

  • Surface preparation for paint or surface cleaning of steel profiles and plates 
  • Interior and exterior surface cleaning and de-rusting of process equipment
  • Cleaning of surface and interior components of valve assemblies