Teknokon Maintenance Systems (TMS)

"Teknokon Maintenance Systems (TMS) is a theoretical and practical platform designed to develop industrial maintenance management systems. Teknokon uses TMS effectively in all of its services. TMS methodology has a structure that continuously renews and improves itself."

What is TMS?

TMS is a comprehensive and holistic maintenance management system developed by Teknokon. TMS reviews industrial maintenance and asset management under 12 sections. Each section of TMS comprises the must updated information and advanced practices in the relevant field.

What does TMS offer?

TMS adds high level of value to the services provided by Teknokon while aiming to improve maintenance management systems of our customers. Systematic improvements in maintenance activities significantly reduce overall maintenance and operational costs and improve OHS performance.

TMS Layers and Content

Each of the 12 sections of TMS consists of unique management concepts developed by Teknokon specialists and each management concept consists of sub elements including theoretical information and on site practices.

TMS has a dynamic structure; the system constantly evolves and grows based on the systematic review and update of data and experience from numerous projects.