Valve Maintenance

"We provide a complete set of services which includes all components required for your valves to work safely and efficiently"

Regular maintenance and inspection of valves which are one of the key components of industrial plants is critical to ensure process safety and system reliability. Teknokon Service & Maintenance provides advanced services which includes maintenance and inspection of industrial valves of all brands and types.

Our Mobile Valve Maintenance Workshop


We mobilize and activate our mobile valve workshop equipped with all devices and tools necessary for the maintenance and testing of all types and brands of valves at your plant and perform fast and reliable on-site maintenance of your valves.



Our Comprehensive Valve Maintenance Service


  • Valve malfunction inspections (using ultrasonic or thermal analysis methods)
  • Installation of valves using systems
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Management; stock keeping, spare parts supply, spare parts production
  • Valve pressure tests (Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Pressure Tests)
  • Re-certification of valves
  • Sandblasting and painting of exterior surfaces of valves
  • Re-installation of valves in the systems
  • Control of commissioned valves while they are still operating
  • Quality management and reporting



Manual and Automatic Valve Maintenance 

Maintenance of all valves with all types and brands of connection, bodies and bearings

Body type: Gate valves, Globe valves, Butterfly valves

Connection Type: Welded valves, threaded valves, flange valves

Bearing Type: Flat bearing, conical bearing

Process Type: Steam valves, water line valves, oil products and natural gas valves, pneumatic valves, cryogenic valves etc.


Safety Valve Maintenance

Maintenance of all types and brands of safety valves

  • Valve sealing maintenance
  • Calibration of safety valves, pressure regulations

Valve Pressure Tests

We perform fast and reliable tests on a wide variety of valves with our high capacity valve testing device. We provide the following tests and analysis with our valve test device on all types and brands of valves:


  • Hydrostatic testing up to 400 bar hydrostatics and valve body and bearing testing (at any size) up to 200 bar
  • Certification in accordance with the standards DIN, API and ASME



Maintenance reports are provided for each valve involved maintenance process in accordance with the standards ASME, DIN and API depending on the area of use of the valve. Our reports include pre- and post-maintenance images of the valve, work done during maintenance and comments on the condition of the valve.

How Do We Add Value

  • Fast On-Site Service with Our Mobile Valve Maintenance Workshop
  • On-Line Valve Maintenance with Portable Maintenance Equipment
  • Valve Pressure Tests
  • Fast and Safe Service with Modern Maintenance Equipment
  • Valve Certification After Maintenance
  • Management of All Valve Maintenance Processes and Turnkey Service