Thermal Analysis

"Thermal Analysis Which Extends the Scope of Inspection and Maintenance Beyond What is Visible"​

Thermal analysis which has become more important among predictive maintenance methods stands out with many of its advantages including its wide areas of use, and its fast and reliable results. Data obtained about the changes in thermal values that are beyond visible for many equipment and many areas of use allows significant improvement in periodic and planned maintenance methods.

Main Areas of Use for Thermography (Thermal Analysis) Method

Mechanical Applications

Rotating Equipment and Motors: Detection of overheating bearings in pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors and turbines

Process Valves: Leak detection

Storage Tanks: Determination of sediment and waste amount, detection of leaks

Boilers and Ovens: Detection of overheated areas

Insulation Faults: Detection of leaks and faults in insulated pipelines and systems; detection of insufficient insulation

Electrical Applications

  • Power sources
  • Switchyards
  • Transformers
  • Fuses
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Power distribution boards



Thermography / Thermal Inspection 
The scope and applications of our thermography programs customized and developed by our team of experts in thermography for each plant are as following:

  • Inspection of plant assets and identification of the assets that will be thermally inspected
  • Determining thermal values at normal operating conditions of the equipment and systems to be inspected by thermography and determining equipment thermal inspection ranges according to the level of importance
  • Developing a barcode system for the lines and systems for fast and accurate observation.
  • Inspection with high definition and thermally sensitive thermal cameras
  • Reporting including expert opinions
  • Entering and tracking measured values for equipment and systems in the asset management system
  • Long term improvement of periodic maintenance activities based on the thermographic inspection values and trends

How Do We Add Value

  • Quantification and Root Cause Analyses by a Team of Experts
  • Trend Analyses, Suggestions for Periodic Maintenance Programs
  • Fast and Reliable Inspection with the Barcode System