Oil Analyses

As a specialist research company in Engie group, Laborolec has been performing lubrication oil and transformer oil analyses in its laboratories since 1962.  In addition to advanced analyses independent of manufacturers in its ISO 17025 certified laboratories Laborolec provides consultancy services for end users and interpretation of analysis with its experts who are members of international organizations such as CIGRE, IEC and ASTM.


Dr. Michel Duval who developed Duval Triangle which is a reliable method to interpret gas dissolved transformer oil analyses is one of the consultants in Laborolec.


Transformer insulating oil provides important data on the current condition and remaining economic life of a transformer. This data helps to prevent potential damages and to determine maintenance and/or replacement frequencies. By analysing transformer oil, you can have information about whether there is any electrical or thermal faults, about abrasion and wear in the transformer and the quality of oil used.


Transformer Insulating Oil Analyses;

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Lubrication oil analyses, when done regularly provides information about the efficiency of equipment lubrication system and the degree of abrasive wear. This approach allows optimization of maintenance and oil change frequencies.


Analyses of Lubrication Oils, Fuels and Other Analyses:

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