Storage Tanks Services

 "Comprehensive and integrated services for industrial storage tanks"

With its almost 30 years of experience Teknokon provides a whole range of integrated services for industrial storage tanks.
Storage tanks which are needed to store raw materials, intermediate products, auxiliary products or final products in industrial plants are among critical components of the processes in which they are used. 

Storage tanks are also among the equipment with the highest risk for process safety.  Safe storage of hazardous liquid or gasses in line with the relevant processes in many industries is very important not only for the plant where they are stored but also for the general safety of the entire area of the plant.

Safe storage is an integral part of process safety and also an indispensable part of the chain for plant production performance and plant availability. Storage units which frequently fail to function can cause partial or whole disruption in the process where storage units are used in depending on the conditions.
According to another perspective on costs and storage, storage needs to be considered as a form of area rental.  On each day, storage units are not used, there will be no rental income.

In addition to correct design and assembly, regular and correct inspection and maintenance during life time of a storage unit are required in order to ensure a reliable and high performance.
Teknokon Servis ve Bakım provides integrated services that cover all life cycles of storage tanks

Life Cycle and Technical Activities of Industrial Storage Tanks


Design and Engineering of Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels

TKN Design Company operating under Teknokon Group provides basic and detail design services for storage tanks and pressure vessels.  

Manufacturing in the Plant and On-Site Assembly

With the challenges in transportation of storage tanks due to their dimensions, there are two options to choose from: tanks are manufactured and assembled in the plant and then transported to the site or components of tanks are manufactured in the plant and assembled on-site.
Teknokon manufactures storage tanks in its plant in Dilovası Kocaeli. Storage units are manufactured and certified according to demands or project requirements and in compliance with the Asme National Board, Din-En Iso 3834-2, Ad 2000–Merkblatt Hp0 And Ped 2014/68/Eu​standards.

Inside Cleaning and Removal of Hazardous Materials:

Storage tanks should be cleaned and any remaining hazardous/explosive materials should be removed before technical control and maintenance services. This procedure which is critical for process and employee safety should be carried out by specialized teams and risks should be comprehensively analysed and eliminated.


Supervision and Inspection Services:

Teknokon’s main services for storage tanks are production, assembly and maintenance therefore supervision and inspection services need to be provided by third parties.

Teknokon Servis ve Bakım works with globally reliable business partners to off service integration for storage tanks.

Technical inspections of a storage tank which should start from the first day the storage tank is used should be regularly performed and reported depending on the importance of the storage tank. Reliability of this procedure plays an important role in correct planning and implementing the next process; maintenance activities.  Technical inspections with correct methods and performed by experienced experts ensure that maintenance activities are also as reliable as technical inspections.


Storage Tanks Maintenance and Repair Services:

Implementation of storage tank maintenance plans which are created based on the data obtained during periodic technical checks and inspections requires collaboration of several business units.

A combination of many factors such as design problems, environmental factors and operational conditions can cause tanks to be subject to more intense processing. Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the quality criteria specified in the standards in order to ensure reliable and smooth operation for the duration of periodic inspections.
Other important factors in performing maintenance activities are correct business planning and efficient resource management. Performing maintenance procedures within planned periods and preventing unplanned delays will contribute to reduce maintenance and operational costs. 
Maintenance services provided by Teknokon Servis ve Bakım are listed below:

  • Replacement of tank bottom plates

  • Replacement of shell plating of tank walls

  • Revision and repair of tank piping systems

  • Revision and repair of tank covers

  • Repair of faulty welding areas

  • Painting and coating

  • Revision and repair of tank nozzles and manholes

  • Revision and repair of platforms, walkways, ladders and stairs on tanks