Maintenance Gap Analysis

“"Where do your Industrial Maintenance Management systems stand compared to the global and national average? What is the current state of your maintenance systems and what are the goals to be achieved?”

You can find the answers to these questions through TMS Maintenance - Gap Analysis method. With the help of the TMS System, findings obtained through the Gap Analysis are transformed into short, middle and long term development projects.

What is TMS Maintenance Current State (GAP) Analysis?

TMS-Maintenance Gap Analysis is an analysis method developed by Teknokon to evaluate current state of maintenance management systems of industrial facilities and identify areas for development. All areas related with the industrial maintenance management systems are analyzed under 12 TMS sections.


What are the Outputs of TMS Maintenance Gap Analysis?

With Teknokon TMS-Maintenance Gap Analysis;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of maintenance organizations are identified.
  • Potential improvement areas and subjects are identified
  • The level of organizations compared to examples that are up to the world standards are identified using international benchmarking techniques.
  • Using the findings obtained with the analysis short, middle and long term development actions and techniques are determined and the development plan determined is implemented with the project management system.

Flash TMS-Gap analysis

Analysis of the maintenance organization and management areas is completed within 1-2 days using a questionnaire that includes 117 questions under 15 topics and by conducting interviews with those who are responsible for maintenance. Data obtained with the flash analysis is reviewed in general and TMS scoring, TMS Radar, Maturity model are determined and a summary of the development is prepared.

Complete TMS Gap Analysis

TMS Maintenance Gap Analysis (Complete) consists of a questionnaire with 500 questions under 31 titles and interviews with the maintenance department managers and managers of other relevant departments. Analysis is completed on site within 1-2 weeks. With complete TMS Gap analysis, data is analysed even the tiniest details. Based on the data obtained with the analysis; TMS scoring, sub TMS Radars, Maturity model are determined and a comprehensive development plan is prepared.

TMS – TMS- Maturity Model

Overall score in the TMS GAP analysis is transferred to the TMS-Maturity Model. With this modelling, maturity level of a maintenance organization is determined and the international level of the organization is understood quickly and presented visually. With the development project built based on the TMS GAP analysis, target areas in the Maturity model are identified and actions are taken to help the organization achieve these target areas.

TMS- TMS- Maintenance Gap Analysis - Implementation Roadmap