Vibration Measurements and Analyses

Vibration analysis which is the most efficient and advanced method for condition monitoring of rotating equipment allows detection of malfunctions that can lead to high costs at the very early stages. This method ensures that rotating equipment is kept in good working order and equipment damages and productions losses are prevented.

Teknokon Service and Maintenance provides analyses of information and operational parameters of important rotating equipment and reports the data obtained from vibration analyses performed periodically. Furthermore the company also allows monitoring of equipment trends by entering data in the CMMS system.



Some of the malfunctions detected with the vibration analysis:

  • Coupler aligning problems
  • Balance problems
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Insufficient lubrication
  • e-motor faults
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical faults in the substructure and securing


Our Standard Vibration Measurements and Analyses Services


The process which starts with equipment information and operating parameters continues with simultaneous measurements in 4 channels.

  • FFT acceleration and speed
  • Enveloping acceleration (gE) and displacement measurements
  • Motor Current signature analyses
  • Evaluation and maintenance suggestions for anomalies for each piece of equipment by an expert of Teknokon Service & Maintenance.
  • Spectrum graphics, time waveforms and measurements
  • Trend analyses which allow comparison with previous measurements


Our Advanced Vibration Measurements and Analyses Services


If it is required based on the data obtained by standard measurements and analyses or other reasons, Teknokon Service & Maintenance  performs the following advanced vibration analysis:

  • Run Up/Coast down test for critical sped/ resonance frequencies of equipment
  • Analysis and reporting with Bode plot, Nyquist Plot, and Waterfall plot to represent transient frequency response characteristics.
  • Bump test to determine natural frequency of a machine or structure.
  • Shaft orbit analysis provided that it is compatible with the machine equipment monitoring system.
  • Collection of information with the movement of the equipment while in operation using the Frequency Response Function module
  • Teknokon Service & Maintenance also provides online (simultaneous) vibration tracking services through its collaboration with Laborolec. For more information please click.


Archiving Measurements in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 


Teknokon Service & Maintenance archives analysis reports of vibration measurements in IBM Maximo, an asset and service management software program. Furthermore the company allows online access to data and traceability for its customers.

  • Measuring devices are entered in the asset management software and if such devices are located in different parts of the customers’ facilities, these devices are permanently recorded in their locations and in sub-systems
  • Identification of equipment information and operating parameters and entering such information and parameters in the asset management software
  • Providing online services which allows our customers to have access to records using their computers and mobile devices.
  • Entering vibration measurement and analysis reports of vibration measurements in the asset management system
  • Entering maintenance activities performed based on the results of the vibration analysis and other maintenance and service reports in the system
  • Entering vibration measurement frequencies in the system and send reminders via e-posts to Teknokon Service & Maintenance  and our customers to create work orders and ensure tracking of work in progress


Service to Repair Malfunctions Detected with a Vibration Analysis


Malfunctions/faults detected during a vibration analysis are repaired by our team of experts. The main malfunctions our teams repair and our services are listed below:


  • Elimination of alignment problems; alignment services
  • On-site balancing of rotors
  • Root Cause Analyses for malfunctions for which causes are not identified

How Do We Add Value

  • Vibration Analysis Experts With Years of Experience
  • Knowledge and Experience in All Industries and on all Equipment
  • Services Support by the Asset Management System (Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS))
  • State of The Art Technology Vibration Measurement Devices
  • High Level of Field Services for Malfunctions Detected After a Vibration Measurement and Analysis
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis Options