Our Values


We envisage becoming one of Turkey’s top three companies in the areas that we provide our services.



We commit ourselves to moving swiftly under everchanging conditions by adhering to high quality and safety standards and meeting the requirements of our clients in a timely and comprehensible manner, and creating value for all stakeholders – our clients, suppliers, employees, contractors and shareholders.





Human Orientation

With our people-oriented approach, open and transparent communication, we strive for each employee to find their true potential.

We communicate openly and transparently with all our employees. We prioritize creating an environment where different views and opinions are respected and where ideas can be openly expressed at all levels of the Group organization. While supporting innovative ideas that are a part of the development by considering the corporate needs of our Group, we provide our employees with continuous training and development opportunities to improve their competencies and support them to reveal their potential.

Team Work

We work with team awareness with all our stakeholders.

We develop business relationships based on mutual trust with all our stakeholders, especially our employees and customers, with a high sense of responsibility. 
We share our ideas, knowledge, and experience with our management approach which includes the common contribution of all our employees. We work as a team on the road to success and celebrate our successes as a team.

Customer Orientation

We produce quality solutions together and add value to our business.

We understand the needs of our customers with a 360° approach, provide the highest standards required by our business with our efficiency and trust-oriented business model, and work meticulously for the development of our sector and the prestige of the Teknokon Group.  
We constantly strive to be the preferred company with our agile, proactive, and innovative approach in meeting changing expectations and our understanding of quality and we aim for the better.
We communicate openly and transparently with all our stakeholders to maintain a sustainable relationship.

Ethical Stance 

We ensure trust and justice for all our stakeholders and respect society and the environment.

We regard adherence to ethical principles as a prerequisite in our business relations and processes with all our stakeholders and consider it as one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. 
As Teknokon Group, while continuing our activities based on the principles of trust, justice, honesty, and equality, we aim to fully comply with legal regulations, professional principles, and universal rules.
We always act with a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment.

Change Management

We manage change with individual and organisational awareness by focusing on continuous development.

Continuous development and change are among our prioritized and indispensable values. We value innovation and creativity in all our activities, encourage change and lead change with our Entrepreneur spirit. 
We continuously improve ourselves with the strength we receive from different perspectives and work to make visible contributions.