Teknokon got the title to be the first Turkish contractor to work in Cuba with the sulphuric acid plant project that it realized in Moa city, Cuba. Installation of the process equipment and the piping manufactured in Teknokon Dilovası plants was completed by the Teknokon teams in Moa, Cuba within 1 year.

Client: Moa Nickel
Process Provider:   SNC-Lavalin
Location: Moa/ Cuba
Status: Completed    

Detailed Scope Of Work


Fabrication: SS converters ,pipes ,tanks
Civil Works: 315 tons of refractory ,445 tons of acid brick lining ,16 tons of aladur beams ,12 tons of grid box ,310 tons of intalox saddles
Equipment İnstallation: Drying ,interpass and final absorbing, cooling tower, SS converter, process gas stack, acid pump tank, blower, air filter, hot and cold interpass heat exchanger, drums, acid cooler, pumps, sulphur furnace, agitator, hopers and conveyors
Piping Erection: 68 tons of CS,53 tons of AS ,14 tons of SS ,36 tons of mondi, 56 tons of jacketed pipes ,60 tons of pipe supports ,225 tons of CS ducting ,27 tons of SS ducting
Insulation: 5200 m² of insulation
E&I: Distribution panel ,cable trays ,power and control cables