Service Management System

"We Manage our Services with our Asset Management Program (IBM Maximo™) and Offer Planning, Recording and Online Tracking for all of Your Maintenance Activities"

Teknokon Service & Maintenance supports all its services with IBM Maximo, an asset management software program.

We customize our services which we manage with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) according to our customers’ requirements and ensure integration in all stages of service processes.


Components of our Service Management System 

Standard Service & Asset Management System 

The standard management system is a basic system which we use in all services we provide without developing a program customized for our customers.

 The following outlines the steps of this service method :


  • Entering 1.Teknokon Service & Maintenance equipment and systems in the asset management system and entering basic information, maintenance instructions, environmental and safety instructions of relevant equipment or systems in the system
  • 2. Creating customer orders or work orders in the system and online and transparent management of all stages until the activity is completed.
  • Stages of standard service
  • Appointing personnel suitable for the work
  • Obtaining occupational safety and work permits
  • Start of the work 
  • Completion of work and closing the work order in the system
  • 3.Monitoring maintenance times and the performance of the maintenance team.
  • 4.Filing reports of the work performed on equipment or system and providing services that can be accessed online by our customers.
  • Examples of reports archived in our asset management system:
  • Periodic maintenance reports
  • Coupling alignment reports
  • Vibration analysis reports
  • Thermal Analysis reports
  • Ultrasonic analysis reports
  • 5.Creating periodic maintenance cycles and activities in the system and tracking of activities in the system.


Advanced Service & Asset Management System 

Our advanced services include development of software programs to meet the needs of our customers in addition to our standard services and ERP integration. Examples of our advanced services are as following:

1. Integration of our customers’ computer based maintenance systems with Teknokon Service & Maintenance systems.

This integration allows the management of work orders our customers create in their systems integrated with Teknokon Service & Maintenance  system and enables us to provide our services as a part of our customers’ asset management systems.

2. Installation and activation of computer based management systems to be used by customers.

Teknokon Service & Maintenance experts and Teknokon software engineers provide special customized services in all processes, from identification of customers’ needs and selection of relevant software, ERP integration to successful activation of the system.